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Glass Eye has specialised in quality production and training within creative and digital media sectors for over a decade. using both mentoring and project based learning.  By working directly alongside creative, production and technical professionals, artists, young people, schools and communities Glass Eye provides a platform and a voice for these groups to create and share their stories. The film production process gives participants the opportunity to develop a diverse range of transferable skills whilst taking part in immersive and experiential projects.

Glass Eye delivers a highly specialised set of film and video products and services, including independent and documentary film, branded promos, public service, and corporate visual communications.

Mr. Daniel Lomax Managing Director, Executive Producer and sole owner of Glass Eye Productions Ltd was the founder of GE-UK in 2004 and still leads the company in his specialised knowledge role.  As such, he possesses highly specialised and advanced knowledge of the business, as well as the equipment, techniques, and processes involved in, film and video production guiding our clients through an often complicated production process to develop a high quality product that captures their audience.  Our specialised and advanced knowledge that the unique Glass Eye brand of products and services was created and developed.

Glass Eye’s processes include all the creative, business, technological and production processes which have developed into a highly specialised brand of Glass Eye products and services.  Our specialised knowledge allow us to ensure that others’ knowledge and skills are strategically placed within the processes of GE-UK as our business continues to grow.

Glass Eye as a film education brand currently integrates within the vertical and horizontal scheme of the industry, enabling us to focus on opportunities that bring value to our brand. Our unique selling point is to engage, inspire, and educate, incorporating into our mission a focus on public service.

We are uniquely positioned to pitch Glass Eye’s specialised film education products, which we have developed over a long period of time with passion and finesse, bringing onboard clients, collaborators, and participants, at both grassroots and specialist levels, to produce a high quality product that is then disseminated on an international platform.  Having acquired knowledge and experience from working with both broadcasters and the education sector, we have developed an extremely relatable and empathetic approach, which has proven highly successful in marketing the Glass Eye brand.

GE-UK has developed connections with some of the big British film charities such as Creative Skillset and Into Film.  GE-UK was nominated for a Into Film Awards at an event supported by some of the big Hollywood studios and the British Film Institute (BFI).