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Students from Oulderhill School in Rochdale were recently involved in the production of their own school film alongside Glass Eye Productions, a Greater Manchester based film company founded in Rochdale.  The film is aimed at year 6’s across the borough to give them an insight into what life at the School life is really like from the point of view of year 7 and 8’s.


The film was developed through a series of drama and scriptwriting workshops where the young people were able to develop their ideas alongside professional actor Marcus Hercules and filmmaker Danny Lomax.  The students devised and storyboarded 6 scenarios which included travelling to school, extra curricular activities and dealing with bullying which were then written into a professional script.


The students then took part in the production of the film were they all experienced being involved in front and behind of the camera, which culminated in the final film which includes introductions to the school from year 11’s and a summary from the Head John Watson.  “We really appreciated the way that Glass Eye went about the process, working alongside our students who gained lots of new skills and confidence working alongside acting and film professions”, said John.


The film was launched at the school on Thursday 10th October to parents and governors where it was well received, “the school were extremely pleased with the final film and its quality, we are really looking forward to using this as a tool to inform our year 6’s of life at Oulderhill.  The film will also be used on the Oulderhill Website and on plasma screens around the school”, said Danny Armitage , ‘Community and Outreach Partnership Director’.


Glass Eye Productions is a Film and Educational Media Company founded by Danny Lomax in Rochdale in 2004.  Glass Eye has worked throughout the public and education sectors for the past decade in the UK and abroad producing quality content, giving clients and participants a platform.


Danny said; “since we first started we have really seen a huge growth in the demand for online film which is an extremely accessible and powerful way to communicate a message to an audience.”


“With the Oulderhill Project we felt that in order to communicate the strongest possible message that it was important to involve the students in the development and production of their school film.  Using this method gives them ownership of their ideas promoting transferable skills and confidence whilst giving the students the tools show their work to friends and family whilst promoting their own school via social media.


“Since we completed this project we have been approached by other schools and educational institutions to develop similar projects, including a future film working alongside ‘The Honeywell Foundation’ with the school system in Indiana USA.”


The Oulderhill Film can be seen at:  https://vimeo.com/73824695