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Glass Eye Productions Ltd has just completed the promo for Rochdale Borough-wide Housing which has just been voted to be transferred over to one of the UK’s largest housing mutuals by its tenants.  Glass Eye have been there to record the successes of the organisation over the past couple of years and wish the staff and the tenants the best of luck in the future as we continue to develop audio/visual material for the organisation.

More information to come as the transfer date gets closer towards the end of March, but for now enjoy the promo and do visit RBH Housing YouTube to view further content.




RBH Launches You Tube Film ChannelYouTube

RBH released on Monday 2nd April a film to celebrate its achievements and to look to an exciting future as it became the country’s largest housing mutual in March.

The film has been developed to mark the launch of the company’s official YouTube site: RBHousingFilm. RBH Board Member, Tim Byrne, said: “It’s really exciting that RBH is exploring new media as an alternative way of reaching out to our tenants, employees and Members. The possibilities for RBHousing Film are phenomenal. We’ve made a great start but I look forward to what it can deliver in the future.”

RBH Film

Tony Lafferty, Project Manager for RBH believes that the use of film will bring a new angle to communications work. Tony said: “Film is a really flexible medium that we can use to speak to a variety of audiences. Not all our tenants have their own computers, but as technology advances we know we can use the video on other applications such as smart phones and digital TV so that eventually the films can be seen by almost anyone.”

RBH anticipates using video for a variety of purposes, such as making films to show tenants how to do basic DIY work and locate things such as stop taps within their homes. This will help the contact centre when speaking with tenants over the phone and could result in savings in the long term.

RBH is looking forward to an exciting future as the country‘s largest housing mutual and RBHousingFilm will provide the ideal vehicle to disseminate its progress to a potentially world wide audience.

Visit our  You Tube information page

Visit our You Tube Channel: RBHousingFilm ((opens in new window))